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Hello Dears!

Well I have done my last General Studies paper and now I only have Economics to go. I think it went fairly well. I wasn't really concerned that any particular aspects were that difficult. The first four questions were about voting trends, differences between labour and the conservatives, apathetic youths and media influences. On the essay question, I had the choice of women in politics, the ageing population, should the voting system be altered? and environmental/transport issues. I chose to discuss the ageing population as this had some economic arguments. I think I covered most of the main points and pretty much wrote what I wanted to say. I've just got economics to go now. I'll put in a decent amount of work the next few days and I'm sure I'll be adequately prepared. I think I'm quite comfortable with the vast majority of the Economics syllabus and I'm quite looking foward to finishing now. Whilst I'm on the subject of education, Reading sent me a nice letter this morning telling me what to do on results day etc. I'm really not to bothered whether I end up at Reading or Leeds (they are as good as each other). I just hope I manage to do well enough to get to Reading at least.

I went to see Mr Howker after the exam and ended up helping out in his year 7 class. That was an experience. They are a struggling set 2 but enthusiastic enough (apparently the kids are split academically nowadays and these were the weakest of the weaker half). It's not really languages they study but more european awareness with aspects of PSE and geography. We seemed to be getting something out of it though. I still have a lot of German books/tapes to give back but I'm sure I'll have chance to do all that in September before I go to Uni. I handed my Maths textbook in but I didn't catch Miss Fairclough.

During the Summer I plan to do some more reading. I want to finish The Return of the King and Until the Final Hour and there's other books such as Cold Mountain and The Wealth of Nations I've barely started or not even opened. I also want to by some Economics books off the internet, especially some of Keynes' works. I should also look at my Robin Cook autobiography and read Don Carlos too. If I achieve all that (which is debatable) it will be quite a cultured summer for me. The BB are talking about doing a play or production of some description so I will take some time to put some material towards that. I also want to pick up my Russian again and gather some basic knowledge. I think I need to devote a regular slot to it every couple of days.

Anyway, I think that is about all for now. I need to focus on finishing my exams well.

Keep Safe!



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