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The End Of Something


Well, the exams are over. I think Economics went rather well. Unit 5 went a lot better than it could have done and I am pretty confident that I have achieved a good grade. An A is only around 60-65% going on past grade matrixes. I think that has a lot to do with the ridiculous timings. I think I distributed my time between the questions well though and made the main/ most important points that I wanted to make. Going on my calculation I only require 48% of the UMS marks to get a B so I'm quite confident. My thoughts seem to be in keeping with the general consensus so that is always encouraging. We shall just have to see what results day brings. On the whole I'm fairly pleased with my exams this year. I think I put in enough work to get reasonable and necessary grades. I worked particularly hard on my coursework which was important. I don't feel like I really mucked a paper up this year which is good. Maths was by far the most difficult but that was to be expected. If I have "underperformed" on any paper then it was probably C4 but Maths went pretty much as expected because C3 was better than it could have been. Oh well, at least I won't have to do (pure) maths again. Some arithmetic and aspects of stats for the accountancy modules of the management side of my degree should be easy to deal with. Parametric equations will not be making an appearance there.

I watched the football before. Ukraine won on penalties against Switzerland. I was sticking up for Die Schweiz (naturally as they are the German speaking country) so I was slightly disappointed. I need a shopping trip sometime this week. Tomorrow I'm going to throw some old clothes out and make a start on my reading. Next week I may go away with my Dad for a few days.

I guess that's about all for now. It is at least two hours later than the time at the top of the page. That's because I was pratting about with MSN paint. Oh the fun! I shall probably write again towards the end of the week either just before or shortly after the leavers' doo. That promises to be good fun. I guess that is all. Good luck to Freya and Leanne (and all the others who may read this) with their final exams. Roll on Aug 17th but let's have a good summer beforehand!




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