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I've Seen It All.......And More Besides!

Well I'm back readers!

My trip to Germany was very enjoyable and very worthwhile and I got the opportunity to work on my German which is all important and I even got understood (albeit after some time) when explaining the intricacies of rugby league and the geography of most of Yorkshire. Whilst there, I visited Kassel on three separate days to different attractions. The shopping there is comparable to that of Manchester but the population is comparable to that of St Helens. I think you can draw your own conclusions, but then it does have a university and therefore it has to be lively enough to attract students as they are of paramount importance to the economy of any university town or city the world over. In comparison St Helens has St Helens College, which attracts students from as far afield as Thatto Heath and Toll Bar. Enough said! Anyway I got lots of retail therapy in and took advantage of the favourable prices. I find Germany very cheap nowadays. I think reunification has had a part to play in this as it has caused the economic problems of recent years. My main outlays were on DVDs and literature but I also bought a jumper for the winter months in H&M (I must be turning into Adam or something). I also visited Frankfurt which is very attractive despite the prejudice and I could easily live there during my year abroad. On Sunday we took a boat trip across the Edersee and that was also very beautiful. In eight days I took almost 200 photos, so it is fair to say that my camera has been well used recently. There is the possibility that we will meet briefly again in August as they want to meet my parents and are prepared to travel to Grafenwöhr to do so.

I think that is plenty about my trip. On returning, the trip back from the airport was somewhat intricate. I had to travel Through Bolton and Wigan en route to St Helens and may the time I reached Rainford some two hours or more had passed. The journey was also littered with numerous irritating fellow passengers;
1. Some blonde wench who must work in a travel agency at the airport who must have spent a good quarter of an hour on her mobile explaining how she nearly got sacked and how her friend should better ring someone for her. She had one of those rather whiny,northern kind of accents, rather like one found in Cheshire or somewhere.

2. Secondly there was a camp middle aged bloke who was in some kind of mid life crisis and was explaining all his worries about moving house whilst bitching about a former partner to all and sundry and the unfortunate listener.

3. To cap it off, there was a plastic scouser on the bus to Rainford in child napper mode and every other thing the little kid had was "gorgeous" or "lovely". Maybe I'm just too intolerant. The station announcer who had a very similar accent to Stone Cold Steve was amusing though (he had the same bored, disinterested tone and was also a Mancunian).

I think I've written enough for now. I must elaborate over my recent results day dreams though. I've had 3 I can remember so far. There was one where I got 4 marks on a General Studies paper, another where I got an A in Economics and another where I got the grades I need. Whether these are good or bad omens, I don't know but it's now just three weeks till the day of reckoning.

I'm going to go now. I shall write again soon. I think I need to elaborate more on my feelings towards Germany but now it's late and my thoughts are muddled.



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Jul. 28th, 2006 10:00 am (UTC)
Hiya Phil thanks for my post card! Germany sounds fun. Sam keeps having results day nightmares, but I haven't been plagued. I have resigned myself to crap grades, so I can't be disappointed.
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