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Clearing The Air

Hello Again,

Well I had an excellent weekend in London with Leanne. We managed to do Greenwich and some of the Imperial War Museum (it is huge!). The latter impressed me immensely and I shall definitely be returning to do the exhibitions we didn't have time for. I also purchased a book in the museum shop about Hitler's women. I bought it because it was written by Guido Knopp, an important writer and television historian of contemporary Vergangenheitsbewaltigung. He is also somewhat controversial in academic and cultural circles. Talking about facing up to the past, Tony Blair has opened up a debate on these shores by making an apology to the African countries for Britain's role in the slave trade. The fall out could be interesting. Other highlights of the weekend included considerable drinking time both in the house and in whether spoons and dancing on Leanne's roof.

I had words with the flatmates last night. I think it was the right time to say something and I think they took it on board. I think relations should improve now. I think it was important to say something at an early stage to stop it escalating further and causing more carnage when I finally reached my limit (it would have happened at some point). I don't think I said anything that was uncalled for and only one of the flatmates seemed upset by what was said. I think at first she thought I was directing it at her but I was making a general point to everyone. However she started me off because she said something that really irked me. Anyway, as one of the girl's from the floor above said to me, at least I've said my piece and they know how the ground lies. This had been on my mind for a few days but I feel better about the situation now.

As for uni today, I've had one lecture. I missed my seminar but I spent an hour studying the content so I should be OK and plus most of it was easy as it was Economics. I finished by german homework for no reason because our lecturer's ill and I tried to do my law tutorial (albeit a day late) but it's been taken off the website. It has no weight anyway but I should make sure I do the next one by December 10th. I'm just about to start an essay on a German film we saw last week.

At the weekend, I'm not sure what's happening. I don't know if I'm working or not. If I'm not working then I shall go somewhere, maybe West Wycombe, but we shall see.

I think that's all I need to say for the moment.




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