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Acquaintances With Galloway

Unfortunately this wasn't George Galloway but the aforementioned region of South West Scotland is very agreeable. I've been up there since Monday. We did four walks and visited Scotland's national book town on our rest day. I purchased a book on Europe since 1870 which looked very interesting and may come in useful for my german course next week as there are modules on 19th and 20th century history. I also picked up a book of extracts from german literature which was printed in 1938! It was a real bargain at just £1. That will give me an excuse to brush up on my German over the holiday. This week I will probably go to Manchester. I need to go shopping somewhere because I have presents and clothes to buy and other things like sunglasses and phonecards. The week after I'm off to Deutschland for nine days and the day I depart marks just a month until results day. I know, I know I should forget about it but it's going to be there at the back of my mind until it's been and gone. I am actually looking forward to late August and early September when I can give people a define answer when they ask where I'm going to study. It's all people seem to ask me these days. Anyway, back to Galloway. It's very lush and more tougher walking country than the borders although probably not as pretty. The midges weren't too bad but I still got multiple bites. That's Scotland for you! I made some headway with my Downfall book although I'm still enough half way through. I hope to finish that this week so I can finish Lord of the Rings at Rene's and maybe start Cold Mountain. I would take Wealth of Nations with me but I think it's a bit deep for a holiday read. I want to try and read it before I go to Uni though. That leaves a generous 70 day window give or take a few days. I bought an Independent up in Scotland. There was an interview with Boris in the education section. I agreed with a lot of what he said. 50% is an unrealistic number of youths to coax into Higher Education and the fees present a natural barrier to this as to achieve 50% requires a decent proportion of the working class as probably only 30% of the population qualify as Middle or Upper class. He was also saying that too many people are taking "softer" subjects like English and Psychology instead of Science and Languages. The effect on higher education is detrimental. Fewer students means fewer departments. Sussex closed its Chemistry Dept. and JMU axed German just last week.

Anyway, I guess that's about all for now. I need to unpack my suitcase in the morning and I might go to church. I should also sort my schoolwork out but due to rugby and work commitments that may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday.

That's All Folks!

That was our "MPC" picture at the leavers' doo. I might put some more on. All this modern technology is rather new to me.


Jul. 9th, 2006 05:03 pm (UTC)
You need to open an account on something like www.photobucket.com and then upload pictures into there (this is a free site) and then you cut and paste the URL code into your blog entry.



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