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Hello Again

There are tensions in the house and relationships with the people on my floor are being affected by people who don't even live on our floor. I seem to be the subject of some sort of vendetta which started out as a bit of a joke but is now getting rather personal and serious. The other night, they scrawled obscenities on my door in non permanent marker. I was not impressed and although it was easy to clean off I thought it time to have words. However, words were not exchanged but this evening, things have escalated again. I had just come in and I left my keys on the table and went out to the loo. Whilst I was in the loo, I heard the two non residents of the floor come running down the corridor laughing like hyenas. When I came back to the room, the door was locked. They'd obviously been in and taken the keys and locked the door. I waited a while before I challenged them and they flatly denied it and pretended to take offence. Then the other flatmates started defending them saying that I was making unreasonable accusations. This went on for around half an hour in which time one of the non residents went to make noodles. She would have had ample time to plant the keys in the toilet where I found them. Hey presto, when I returned to the room the light was on I simply wouldn't have locked the door. I am not stupid and I know what I'm doing. I didn't take the keys with me and I didn't lock the door had they fallen, I would have heard them fall. They are out to sabotage my current good relationship with other members of the floor and I feel that I have lost some credibility with them even though I know exactly what happened. The next stunt is going to get a heated reception and words are going to fly. The way I feel at present, it better not be later tonight because I am already bubbling with rage. I can take I joke but recent events have become very pointed and directed at me specifically. If this continues then I shall have to take action.

I am away this weekend which in light of the current climate on the floor is a good thing. I am going to see Leanne in London. It should be a good weekend. We have much to catch upon. There is the added bonus of a trip to Greewich. This is somewhere I have never been but always wanted to go. The Cutty Sark should be interesting too. I can envisage many references to piracy and the sea. especially as were visiting the national maritime museum as well.

I have more or less finished my essays. I need to make one last point and form a bibliography. I shall write again soon.

Good night!




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