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Adding Up

Hello Again

I've spent a useful amount of time on the student room website today. I learnt some useful things about results day permutations. Apparently one can find out on track whether or not one has been accepted onto one's course before one gets one's results. I think I probably overused "one" in that sentence but what the hell. I've also been doing some conservative calculations today. The results were quite encouraging and the indication was that I should at least make my insurance offer, but I don't really want to think about possible results and grades until mid August. I've just got to continue what I'm doing and finish my exams as strongly as I've started. So far, I'm reasonably happy with my exam performance and quietly confident of relative success.

Today I've been revising inflation and unemployment. Tomorrow i'm going to do a few past exam questions and it would be good to look over my pre release material again before Thursday.

Currently i'm watching an interesting programme about Thatcherism. The more people analyse and discuss Thatcherism the worse it becomes. What did Thatcher do to benefit the UK? She killed off industry, sacking millions in the process and sold public goods down the river. Monetarism was economically non sensical and public services were starved under tory rule for nearly two decades. She got Britain back on its feet? She may have balanced the budget but she did this by starving public services. She may have increased efficiency in the labour market but she did this at the expense of working class jobs (millions of them). In short, inequality spiralled under Thatcher and society was irreversibly changed. Of course, if you're a Thatcherite there's no such thing as society is there?

I think that's enough speculation and political ranting for one evening.

The Title Is Back - Exam Central


Well my 28 hour exam ordeal has ended. General Studies was straightforward and I just have the politics paper to do next week. That shouldn't be a problem and I feel I am on course to reach the desired grade. German went swimmingly. I didn't really find any aspects of the paper challenging and although I don't wish to speculative too much about my possible grade as last year I disappointed myself, I am very confident that I have done well enough. Let's just say that for now :D

Maths was bearable. It was by no means a good set of papers but then I wasn't expecting a good set of papers. C3 was better than I was expecting but C4 was probably a bit harder. Being conservative, I'd say that my exam performance warranted a mid D at the very least. I can forget about Maths now and move on to Economics revision. I'm very confident in regards to my Economics and with thorough revision, I expect to do well. I am going to try a number of past essays because technique is paramount in Economics due to the strict time limits.

I think that is enough about college for now. I don't really have much more to say though. England beat T&T 2 - nil and Sweden also won. I shall post again when I have something to talk about.

So long!

I really can't be bothered today. I blame the weather for making me drowsy. I really is rather too muggy at the moment. I've given my blog a little facelift because I felt it need it.

I suppose I should away to do work but I'm leaving the computer connected because I can't be bothered answering the phone. Why oh why do firms insist on ringing you up about such trivial things as windows and insurance? At least at Uni I'll escape the landline and people will have to make do with calling my mobile (which is frequently turned off anyway). If anyone has anything meaningful or important to say, they'll contact me eventually anyway.

Why do we need school leavers with about three GCSEs ringing us up saying we've won a holiday? Get these people on apprenticeships!!! We need plumbers and electricians. We don't need call centre operators! (Half of them are foreigners whom can't speak coherent English anyway!) When I ring my bank, a want to speak to someone at my local branch. I don't need to ring a call centre in Brighton (or Banglalore). Get rid of these call centres and give people proper jobs.

I think that is about all. I need to work hard now for the duration of the next six days. Expect another entry either next Thursday evening or next Friday depending on when I can be bothered (and whether or not I have developed an RSI from writing 23435658759875895 words in 3 consequetive exam sessions).


Unions and Agreements


Just a rather quick note as I haven't posted recently. I attended a wedding on Saturday. It was the marriage of Ben and Angela, Ben being the youngest son of my father's cousin. It was a joyous occasion.

Anyway, I have booked a flight to Deutschland so I shall be visiting Rene in late July. That should be excellent.

I had a maths resit today. I think I have probably improved on last year's mark. My Stats on Wednesday is of paramount importance!!!

That is all as I must eat.

I'll write again come the end of the week to discuss leaving college.

Conversing In Tongues

Good Evening Dears!

I am here again! Yesterday 'twas my AS speaking resit. I am contented and Mr Howker seems more pleased than me. That is a good sign but I do not want to speculate too much as last year's mark was atrocious.

Anyway, my philosophy on life is that to get anywhere or indeed do anything, one must;

1. Want something- and be prepared to do the necessary in order to get it and...
2. Have the ability to do it. This requires raw talent initially but one must complement this with raw dedication.

Anyway, as far as my German grades go, I shall just have to do all that is humanly possible and hope that the grades reflect my effort. The fact that I can always improve is what makes me love German. It is a challenge and I want to push myself to the next level.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to spend a night at the opera. I've read up on the synopsis this evening. La Boheme sounds interesting.

I voted Lib Dem by the way. I figured they have more chance of getting Tories out of Rainford but oh well.

Well I had better depart, I think that is about all I have to say. It's the year photo tomorrow. Deep joy. That means I have 1 lesson. Oh well, I have plenty of work to do. I must go and do some Maths now.


April Happenings!


This is just a quick one. I went to Manchester last week and bought CDs and birthday presents for various people. This Thursday I should be going to the Trafford Centre to get a suit for various weddings/ the leavers' doo. Revision has now kicked in. Liverpool are in the FA Cup final :D That is about all! I have various things to do in the next few days. I shall post again when the deeds are done.

Recent Times

Evening Folks!

I haven't posted for a while so I may aswell update you all. My cousin is getting married in August, so I'll be going over to Germany for that. I'm leaving a week after Results Day so if I'm in clearing (which I shouldn't be)I shall have to get it sorted out rather quickly.

As college goes, things are going quite well at present. My German orals are progressing well and I am just about to finalise my Economics coursework. Maths is also going favourably at the moment too. I have paid for the leavers' doo and i shall be finalising table arrangements with friends shortly.

On the rugby front, Widnes played terrifically well on Sunday and defeated Cas Tigers 14-4 in the Challenge Cup. I was deliriously happy to say the least. In the next round, we've been drawn against Catalans Dragons at home, so we'll have a fighting chance in that one too.

Well, I had better go now. Next week, we're off for Easter. That will give me a chance to get into my revision and I may also have the opportunity to make a shopping trip to Manchester. Indeed, I should e-mail Rene to find out how he is. I also need to arrange when I may be able to get over and see them all too.

Well that is all for now!

Current Themes

Hi Folks

I got my report today. It was fine overall. The only downside was my predicted Maths grade. I know why I've been predicted C/D but I think C is nearer the mark. Oh well at least I can't be complacent. I want a decent grade and I'm gonna pull out all the stops to get it. My performance in Maths relies heavily on preparation and confidence. If my C2 and S2 go well then hopefully I will carry a lot of confidence into C3/C4. My mock performance this year has been somewhat distorted by the fact that tests have been rushed, preparation could have been better and the module examined is no doubt my weakest of the entire course. C4 has been going better and I am confident of getting that C grade I need to secure at least an insurance place at Reading.

In other news. Why can't people spell? ....and why do people insist on telling me things I really don't need to know?

Anyway, that is about all. I should go to bed because I have things to do come the morning.

Keep Safe!

Boozing On The Dancefloor

Hello dears,

Well Yesterday was rather eventful.We went to Maximes and enjoyed an evening of fine merriment. Tonight will be a quieter affair at the Boys' Brigade Cheese and Wine Night. I will now depart to do some German work. I also need to tart up my Economics coursework.

In other news, I have decided that I like Rum and Coke.


So long!

Unfinished Plans

Hi Folks

I received a letter from UCAS this morning informing me of the Manchester offer. Still no confirmation from Heriot Watt but I can't make a final decision till I've seen Reading anyway.

Yesterday I went to Manchester. I was able to find a book to send to Rene for his birthday and I got most of my leavers' doo outfit sorted. I just need to find a cheap jacket now. I enjoyed a couple of pints in a nice old fashioned style pub in Exchange Square with Steve and I made my first ever purchase at River Island. I'll be going to the leavers doo in pinstripes! I also recently remembered, as you do, that I'm going to a wedding in May so they'll come in for that too.

I missed my train to Kirby ( Rainford) so I had to get one to St Helens Junction and then two infrequent buses. Hence to say I didn't get back to Rainford until 8pm. Why is the main station in town in such a back o' beyond location? and why is the last train to Kirkby 5.15 pm and why do trains always leave as you reach the platform?

I have been invited over to Deutschland in the summer by Rene's family so that should be good. My Summer is filling up now thankfully. The coast to coast, a week or two in Germany and BB Camp. There's also the possibility of a September jaunt to Dublin. I not holding my breath on the latter though.

I must retire and go and do some work. I shall type this bloody Economics coursework up once and for all. I also need to get cracking on my German tasks.

Fairly Well!